Transformational Giving

SCA’s high-impact, multi-media mailings motivate supporters to contribute gifts that are 5-10x higher than they have ever donated previously. SCA’s campaigns have generated many six-figure contributions from both existing supporters and prospects as well as several million-dollar gifts.

These supporters have always had the capacity to give at the million-dollar level, but never had before because the packages they were receiving failed to inspire them to make a transformational gift.


What Can SCA’s Storytelling Method Do For You?

Case Studies

A university-affiliated organization asked Stephen Clouse & Associates to design an Annual Fund appeal.
  • SCA’s multi-media and video storytelling program . . .
    • Netted more than $65 per-name mailed.
    • Produced an average gift of more than $700.
    • Doubled the fundraising program’s net revenue.
A major public policy organization contracted with Stephen Clouse & Associates to raise funds for a capital campaign
  • 14,433 high-impact, multi-media presentations were mailed to donors who had contributed $100 or more in the past.
  • In response, more than 400 supporters made their first-ever contribution of $1,000 or more.
  • This SCA multi-media storytelling mailing also generated several six-figure gifts.
Since 1996, Stephen Clouse & Associates has produced 4 major gift programs for a media-related organization.
  • $30,000 was given in response to one project from a foundation that had never given before.
  • Their favorite story is the $1,000 donor who gave $100,000… and continues to give at that level.

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