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Imagine if you could personally talk to every donor in their own home, having their undivided attention to make the strongest possible appeal for your organization. That is the unique power of major gift video story telling created by Stephen Clouse and Associates.

Stephen Clouse & Associates’s one-of-a-kind, high-impact multi-media direct mail packages persuade ordinary givers to invest fully in your organization and its mission.  The result:

  • Larger gifts
  • More loyalty
  • Increased donor retention
Studies show that about 83% of human learning occurs visually.
Three days after a presentation, people retain:
What They Hear10%
What They See35%
What They Hear & See65%

SCA’s multi-media storytelling direct mail packages make lasting impressions on donors and transform them into passionate advocates.

As a result, Stephen Clouse & Associates is able to compress an average 8.9-year donor cultivation and upgrade process into just a few weeks.

SCA’s multi-media direct mail packages don’t just request contributions. Our approach upgrades donors — often motivating supporters to contribute 3, 5 or 10 times more than they ever have before.


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